Linear Power Solutions for FPGAs

Altera Arria 10 Evaluation board – Source: Linear

Modern FPGA devices are quite complex machines. They include support for several type of I/Os at different voltages (LVCMOS, LVDS, SSTL, etc). Also, the FPGA core usually works at low voltages of around 1.0V, but at quite high currents of several amperes. Additionally, power sequencing requirements must be met.

As a result, the power block of a modern FPGA-based board is also quite complex, including switching power supplies, linear power supplies, ‘ideal diode’ controllers, I/O termination devices, battery charging and monitoring devices, and a controller to coordinate all these blocks.

Among their line of Power Management devices, Linear Technologies offers complete power solutions for FPGA based boards. Several evaluation boards for high-end, last generation devices from Xilinx and Altera include solutions from Linear Technologies.

The evaluation boards are designed by Altera, Xilinx and also third-party FPGA development board providers.

“Each FPGA and its development board is accompanied by a photo of the board, power tree, and its Linear Technology bill-of-materials”, announces Linear on their website, showcasing evaluation boards for Altera’s Arria 10 GX and Xilinx’s Kintex UltraScale.


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