The future of driver-less cars, from Audi to Volvo
Image source: General Motors

For some months now I have been telling to anyone who was willing to hear that in about ten years we will have autonomous cars in all the streets of our cities. In one hand, I think that that fact may change the way we see and plan cities forever, mainly for good (will we have narrowed streets? Will we recycle many of our parking lots for much needed green spaces?).

On the other hands, the impact of this change in the labor market is fearsome. What jobs will be available, if any, to replace those gone for taxi and bus drivers?

It seems that I wasn’t overly optimistic, at least regarding the time frame:


“Just three years ago, autonomous cars seemed like a pipe dream relegated to a far-off decade in the future. But then, last week, Ford announced that in 2021 it’s planning to release an autonomous car without a steering wheel, brake or throttle pedals, designed for ride-sharing”.

So many of the biggies have jumped in. This article explore, from Audi to Volvo, their plans to bring to our streets the autonomous car by the thousands:

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