A little history of this blog

This blog is the result and the inheritor of several blogs I did in the past.

The first blog I did, related to FPGAs and VHDL, is called “FPGA Site”. I started it on March 2016. It was (and still is) hosted by WordPress at this address. When I started it I was rather ambitious, or may I said, with a lot to learn… I intended it to be a site full of contents: projects, news about the three major FPGA manufacturers (Altera – now Intel PSG -, Xilinx and Lattice), technical articles and even notices about conferences around the world.

Well, the blog was not focused, but it succeeded nevertheless. By the end of year 2016 it was one of the 20 top listed FPGA sites in Alexa, and a bunch of other important sites were linking to it. I was, and I am, very proud of those achievements.

I thought it was about time to give the site a more professional look and an address of its own (as opposed to a WordPress sub-domain). Big mistake. The new FPGA site, never achieved the success of its ‘amateur’ father and to this day it is barely listed on Google. The paid site response is erratic at best. So yes, it was a big mistake for me.

Around that time, I received a job offer in what would be a dramatic switch for my career. Or so I thought at that time. After many years working with Altera devices, I would start working with Xilinx devices and, even more important to me, start learning and using HLS techniques.

So, since my ‘professional’ site was a blunder, I decided to open a new blog, this time hosted by blogspot, which is sitting at this address. This new blog was entirely focused at Xilinx. Also, I introduced to it many features, fruit of comments from visitors: Embedded VHDL code in HTML, projects hosted at Github, etc. In that site, I also introduced a new element: comics. So that is where FPGA’er was born.

Well, as fate would have it, my career switch didn’t succeed. I switched jobs and returned to work mainly with Altera (erm, Intel) devices. So I decided to keep focused in one manufacturer (Intel PSG) and also, since I love the FPGA’er character, I decided to start anew with the blog you are visiting right now, and which is named after the comics “hero”.

I have a lot of plans for the future. I need to update my LFSR (and other) tutorials, complete transition of all the examples to embedded HTML code and Github hosting, etc. I hope to keep updating this blog for many years to come.

Thanks for reading, and for visiting!

Your comments are always welcome and believe me, I learn a lot from them.