Intel Xeon processor with FPGA – now shipping

There have been many announcements about what would be the next generation Intel Xeon platform with integrated FPGA, also on this blog. Now Intel has finally announced that they are shipping their Xeon 6138P Gold with integrated FPGA accelerator to selected customers. The Intel Xeon 6138P includes ane Arria10 GX 1150 FPGA core, with up to … Continue reading Intel Xeon processor with FPGA – now shipping

Can AI be Conscious?

by Bernard Murphy (*) I found a recent Wired article based on a TED talk on consciousness. The speaker drew a conclusion that consciousness was not something that could ever be captured in a machine and was a unique capability of living creatures (or at least humans). After reading an article on the the TED talk and … Continue reading Can AI be Conscious?

Machine Learning Optimizes FPGA Timing

By Bernard Murphy (*) Machine learning (ML) is the hot new technology of our time so EDA development teams are eagerly searching for new ways to optimize various facets of design using ML to distill wisdom from the mountains of data generated in previous designs. Pre-ML, we had little interest in historical data and would … Continue reading Machine Learning Optimizes FPGA Timing

How Deep Learning Works, Maybe

by Bernard Murphy (*)  Deep learning, modeled (loosely) on the way living neurons interact, has achieved amazing success in automating recognition tasks, from recognizing images more accurately in some cases than we or even experts can, to recognizing speech and written text. The engineering behind this technology revolution continues to advance at a blistering pace, so … Continue reading How Deep Learning Works, Maybe

SoC FPGA for IoT Edge Computing

One of the reasons for the explosive growth of IoT is that embedded devices with networking capabilities and sensor interfaces are cheap enough to deploy them at a plethora of locations. However, network bandwidth is limited. Not only that, but also, the latency of the network can be of seconds or minutes. By the time … Continue reading SoC FPGA for IoT Edge Computing

FPGAs and Deep Machine Learning

The concept of machine learning is not new. Attempts at systems emulating intelligent behavior, like expert systems, go as far back as the early 1980's. And the very notion of modern Artificial Intelligence has a long history. The name itself was coined at a Dartmouth College conference (1956), but the idea of an "electronic brain" was … Continue reading FPGAs and Deep Machine Learning

TI power solution for Arria 10 GX

"Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are increasingly complex system on chips (SoCs) that include not just programmable logic gates and random access memory (RAM) but also analog-to-digital converters (ADCs); digital-to-analog converters (DACs); and programmable analog features and signal-conditioning circuits that enable high-performance digital computations in servers, network-attached storage (NAS), enterprise switches, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, test … Continue reading TI power solution for Arria 10 GX